What We Do

Equipment Rental

We can offer your production the latest industry standards in camera, camera support, grip and electric. Whether you need a small camera kit or a whole truck worth of lighting, we will find what you need for your shoot in China.


Production Support

Transportation, lodging, craft services...

the boring but vital things that keep every production going. Where do you even begin?

Good thing we are based here and can help you with every detail your production needs! Our line producers will make sure your shoot is the best experience possible.


ENG/EFP Camera Operator

We have had the privilege of shooting video interviews and live shots of some of our area's highest profile figures. Our ENG/EFP shooting has brought us into the offices of Fortune 500 CEOs and Chinese government officials.


Location Scouting

Before cameras roll on anything, you first have to know where you are going to shoot! We'll be sure to do all the groundwork for you in finding the perfect location. Whether you call it a recce or a tech scout, we'll get the job done!


Drone Video

Need some killer aerial shots in China? No problem! We have access to the latest in UAV technology and we can handle navigating bureaucracy and permissions for any shots you may need.


Post Production

You already hired us to shoot it for you... while we're at it why not let us do the post, too? We have skilled video editors, colorists, animators, and graphic designers on industry-standard software who can take your project from raw footage to a final cut.